Thursday, October 16, 2008

liqbase in beta testing; shiny!

There's a very cool Internet Tablet application out there called liqbase. It shows off the tablet in a whole new way. Among other things, you can sketch, read books, or pan around a map quickly and smoothly. You can scan through your archive of past sketches on the Graffiti Wall, or you can bump the sketches around on a playing field with the Physics Demo. You may have seen lcuk's videos or you may have seen lcuk presenting at the maemo summit (Jamie should be getting some video of that soon), but you figured it was just a demo. And until this month, it was.

Now you can play with this flashy little app yourself; it is no longer a shaky playtest demo, it is a usable beta-quality app. Gary (lcuk) has been working hard to get things user-ready, and he's finally ready to share it with all of us.

Go over to to get a copy of this shiny little toy, and if you have problems, you can post on the ITt thread, the #maemo channel on IRC, or at the Garage project page. You'll get a fast response; lcuk doesn't seem to sleep much, and he seems to respond so quickly sometimes you wonder if he wasn't watching you type.

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At Fri Oct 17, 09:00:00 am GMT-7, Blogger onaiort said...

I still wondering how hard would be write an application using SDL. What about dialogs, windows and other general widgets?

liqbase will include support for these components or it will be the developer's responsability write them pixel by pixel?

By the way, it is great library without doubt.

At Fri Oct 17, 10:05:00 pm GMT-7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is really cool.

At Sat Oct 18, 05:42:00 am GMT-7, Blogger lcuk said...


Go for it theres plenty fo support libraries in SDL and stuff, the canola guys are coming along nicely with qedje.
I was just really unhappy with the performance and feel of applications on this platform, so wrote my own to a spec i've been thinking about for years.

The apps I build are not based on pixel by pixel rendering, but I did have to write the entire code from the ground up to make best use of this platform.

Its got a very prototype widgetset that is starting to evolve and grow with usage cases and styling information for them is centralised now so it gets easier and easier for me to do things in it.

What is important to me is the feel of the application and its responsiveness - I've ported these (and many more) ideas to many different platforms over the years, but this is the first time I've felt comfortable enough to release anything.

-- lcuk

At Sun Oct 19, 12:58:00 am GMT-7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How to install for OS2008?

At Sun Oct 19, 03:39:00 am GMT-7, Blogger lcuk said...

you can install either by adding the extras-devel repository, or from the latest .deb on

At Sun Oct 19, 04:48:00 am GMT-7, Anonymous Anonymous said...



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