Friday, January 20, 2006

Conservatives and Liberals

Conservatives & Liberals
& changing the world

Liberals are people who don't have much to lose the way things are, and they have much to gain if things changed.

Conservatives are people who have a lot to lose if things changed.

That's why we tend to be more liberal when we're young, and more conservative when we're older. As we age, we tend invest in the current system, and changes become more and more likely to be negative for us. More social programs will mean more taxes, and we're in a much higher tax bracket...

That's why idealists become dictators. That's why the church has corrupted so many times in the past. Contrary to many people's thinking, it's nearly impossible to change the system from within. As you accumulate wealth and power, you become the establishment, and you lose the ability to change it. Once you depend on the establishment, the establishment can hold you hostage if you fight it.

Anybody out there know some rich liberals (Let's call them Rich Young Rulers)? And if you do, does it disprove my theory? Maybe my theory could still stand; do these RYR liberals feel secure enough in their power and wealth to be "token" liberals (Like Bill Gates, who can give millions and millions away and still be the richest man in the world, or Ray Anderson, the "Green CEO" who can garner kudos for his environmentalism and still be well-paid CEO of the world's largest carpet manufacturer), or do they have something more important than money, that is, could they lose everything for the cause, and still feel they have won?


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