Thursday, September 28, 2006

SUV Nation

Just read the (British) story, "Big, Not Clever", about the controversy over SUVs in the US. What caught my eye was this:
"There is not a left/right divide," says Keith Bradsher, author of High and Mighty, a telling investigation into the rise of the SUV. "Democrats have been as supportive as Republicans. Nor is there a religious divide."

Evangelist Jerry Falwell, who believes that global warming does not exist because "God would not let that happen", is for them. The Evangelical environmental network, which last year launched a campaign asking, "What would Jesus drive?" is against them.
I wish I could think of a comment to add to this, but I am unable to top "global warming does not exist because 'God would not let that happen.'"

I mean.... It's just... I really can't comment further.

I can at least point you to a very appropriate picture for this particular controversy:

"HummerGod" on Flickr, by Michael Casey

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