Monday, July 21, 2014

Linux poem: btrfs

This was an entry for the contest mentioned in the Editor's Note of "Linux Poetry Explains the Kernel, Line By Line". It actually won, probably because it was the only entry :-) It was published on, but the post was removed. So I'm posting it here for posterity.


They call her "Butterface"
And she's a bit experimental; a bit unstable
But she's self-healing; she's getting better
And the boys all say she's the future.

Born of the Oracle
She was made for the enterprising.
She puts up with all your faults
And grows along with you.

Everything, for her, hangs on a tree.
She says a B-tree is the place to be
For fast searching and inserting;
And hey, Butterface likes 'em BIG.

She may be a COW
But that's a good thing;
She'll never lock you out,
Or make you wait your turn.

Oh, Butterface, will you be mine?
Will you keep my heart safe
When it's all on the line?
Will you span disks for me?
Will you work in log time?

Oh, my Butterface,
You can defrag me anytime.
I want to administer you
Because I know you're so fine.

Note: I wanted to write a poem about something kernel-related, since Linux really is the kernel, not the GNU OS that usually sits on top of it. File systems are built into the kernel, so that seemed like a good place to start.


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